MLH Official - Spring 2016


What is NYχ?

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute’s inaugural women in tech summit, NYχ, will take place April 16 - 17th starting at 9:00am. We hope this event will bring together women in CS throughout the Capital District Region while also engaging them intellectually with the conference and a hackathon. You don’t need to be veteran hacker to participate! Any woman interested in programming, hackathons, or networking is highly encouraged to attend.

Can I attend?

Do you identify as a woman (cis or trans) or genderqueer? Do you attend school in the Capital Region? Do you love (or are interested in) tech? If you answered yes then you are more than welcome to attend! All skill levels are encouraged to attend!

What if I’m a male ally?

Male allies play a critical role in our campaign to create a more diverse technical industry, and we are happy to have you as part of our team! You are welcome to volunteer during the event, lead a talk, or help us organize. While we value having male voices in the discussion, we would like to create a unique space where attendees who are directly confronted with the issues are the focus. We hope you will join us in leading!

What’s the cost of attendance?

Nothing! Admission is free and includes food, drinks, overnight hosting and tons of swag thanks to the generosity of our sponsors: NCWIT (Sponsored by Google.org) and RedHat.

Is transportation provided?

Update 4/6/16: If you did not register before April 6th and you attend a Capital Region school, we may be unable to provide you transportation. Please email us at acmw@union.rpi.edu. We have finalized transportation at this point, so check with us to see if we are able to provide transportation for you.

We will be offering transportation between RPI and the area universities. Right now we will be providing stops at Union, Skidmore, UAlbany, Siena, St. Rose, and Sage. As the event draws closer, we will be updating the site with more information as well as emailing participants about transportation.

What if I am from outside of the Capital Region?

We’d still love to have you attend, but unfortunately we are unable to provide transportation for you to get here. If you are able to provide your own transportation, please register!

What’s there to eat?

Food will be provided for all meals throughout the duration of the event starting with breakfast on Saturday morning. If you have dietary restrictions please inform us in your registration and we will do our very best to accommodate them.

Where can I sleep?

Every hacker is different: some love to hack through the night while others prefer a power nap and we understand this! There will be designated quiet destinations for you to relax though we recommend bringing a sleeping bag or a pillow and blanket.

What should I bring?

Valid Student ID to verify registration, Government Issued ID, a laptop/charger, Pillow & Blanket, and Toiletries. For everything else, we got you covered!

What if I don’t have a laptop?

We may be able to acquire a limited number of laptops for hackers to borrow throughout. Please email us to find out.

What if I have a question not covered by the FAQ?

Email us at acmw@union.rpi.edu! We would be more than happy to find the answers that you are looking for.

MLH Official - Spring 2016